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CEO’s Message

27 years of carpentry, Construction site first principle engineering firms.

My name is Hisayuki Saito. I was born and raised in Ashikaga about 40 years ago. I have been a carpenter for 27 years since graduating from high school and vocational school.

At the company where I used to practice, I participated in the TV program “TV Champion / Carpenter King Championship”. It’s a good memory now.

Since the establishment of the construction shop in 2008, we have been focusing on the work of major house makers. Since I am a carpenter, I am always working on the “construction site first principle”.

Contribute to local people by utilizing technology.

We are working on custom-built housing in order to realize the desire to contribute to the local people by utilizing the technology we have cultivated so far.
Due to the influence of Covid-19, teleworking has progressed, and the lifestyle of having a house in the suburbs has attracted attention.

Please contact us not only for locals but also for those who are considering moving to a suburban detached house from the metropolitan area. We will do our best to accommodate you.

In addition, we are happy to accept coverage of various media such as TV and newspapers.
Best regard.

Hisayuki Saito
President, Representative Director


We put our customers first and provide technologies and services that are second to none.
We aim to be a construction company trusted by the locals.

Saitou Komuten「7 vows」

  • Providing the best technology possible
  • The spirit of “There is nothing you can’t do”
  • After-sales follow-up beyond the house maker
  • Demonstrate “professionalism of the construction shop” without regret
  • We will do our best to work one by one
  • Long-term relationship even after building a house
  • Community-based service specializing in the area around Ashikaga City

Corporate Outline

Corporate NameSaitou Komuten Co., Ltd.
Registered office119, Kamishibutarecho, Ashikaga-shi,
Tochigi, 326-0335, JAPAN
Main office116-1, Kamishibutarecho, Ashikaga-shi,
Tochigi, 326-0335, JAPAN
Phone+81-284-71-0851(Registered office)
+81-284-43-8846(Main office)
RepresentativeHisayuki Saito, President and Representative Director
FoundedDec, 2008
Our ServiceGeneral wooden construction / housing design and construction
New construction, extension / renovation, remodeling, demolition of buildings, etc.
Service areaAshikaga City and its surrounding area.
Tochigi(Sano, Tochigi, Oyama, etc)
Gumma(Ota, Tatebayashi, Oizumi, Ora, etc)
Saitama(Gyoda, Kumagaya, etc)
Ibaraki(Koga, Yuki, etc)
Please contact us once for other areas.
Registrations and LicensesConstruction Business Licenses:
Issued by Tochigi Prefectural governor (General-29) No.025530

How to find us

116-1, Kamishibutarecho, Ashikaga-shi,
Tochigi, 326-0335, JAPAN
Cell Phone:+81-90-7015-6000

Tobu Isesaki Line, Fukui Station(TI-13) : 6 minute walk
National Route 50, Tonyadanchi Ent. intersection : 2 minute drive